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Our goal is to keep you current on issues relating to climate change and global warming. We are all in this together. To stay informed you may want to sign up for our Environmental Progress News – available monthly – free.

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When you hear the words “Global Warming” what is your response?

Fear of the future?
Denial that there is a problem?
Confusion about what is really going on?
Anger that we are in this situation?
Helplessness, like you can not do anything about it?
Apathy, you just don’t care?

Climate Change Primer is intended to give you the straight information about what Climate Change is all about. You can make an informed decision as to the validity of the threat global warming poses to our world and our way of life.

Now is not a time to panic, be fearful, or hide our heads in the sand. It is a time to find solutions to reverse global warming through positive actions.

After coming to an understanding as to what is happening with climate change, keep informed, sign up for our Environmental Progress News. We will keep you up to date on current progress towards finding solutions.

The time to take positive action is now!

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