Making Sense of it All

With such a diverse portfolio of projects it is important to effectively present our work to our wide and varying community. We currently rely on donations and volunteers from around the world to support our endeavors.

We work with other organizations and companies to put together major projects that create a lasting impact for the people of Phrao. And all of our activities are community-sponsored meaning our impact must be tracked and publicized in a reliable and understandable way. Nothing makes such communications more compelling than clear, verifiable data.

In addition to effective communication for the Warm Heart Foundation, we also work with local artisans to improve the sales and marketing of their products. We provide design, business and marketing assistance to women’s cooperatives in Phrao in order to sell their products on both the Thai and international markets. Without accurate production, cost, sales and market data, as well as creative analysis, such efforts are impossible.

Position Overview

Warm Heart seeks an organized and detail-oriented Data Analyst and Technician to develop an effective data infrastructure that both protects the integrity of the data and utilizes data to further Warm Heart’s mission.

Primary Responsibilities

● Manage the collection, storage, and analysis of data, including, but not limited to donors, elderly and persons with disabilities, and partner organizations.
● Develop thoughtful and thorough surveys.
● Provide intelligent analyses of collected data.
● Organize data into effective and impactful presentations.
● Assist with other projects, as assigned (e.g. all volunteers are required to teach English for 2 hours of each week.)


● Strong background in survey research, research design and methods, data analysis and analytic tools (SPSS, etc.).
● Strong PR background- experience implementing high-level communications strategies to successfully execute its plan.
● Interest in promoting sustainable development.
● Management experience.
● Ability to think creatively and function in a diverse workplace.
● Conversationally fluent in English.

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