Goal $1,500

Raised $135

Christmas is Coming!

It may not seem like it, but Christmas is just around the corner!
At least it is for those who would most benefit from high season sales.

Our Cause this quarter is to help our Women’s Artisan Co-ops get ready for the holidays.

We need to expand our reach for new customers and heighten awareness about the beautiful products they create.

Our goal is to help establish new contacts with shoppers around the world to increase sales of our co-op products.

Our plan is to run an advertising campaign. Facebook is a great platform to reach potential customers so we will be running a marketing campaign aimed at our Facebook page to increase the number of “Likes”.

Buyers interested in purchasing the products can go directly to our Shop.

With your support we can utilize the internet to help Warm Heart give steady orders to the talented women in our co-ops, providing much needed income.

Women’s Artisan

We work regularly with four groups: one for dyeing and weaving, a second only for weaving,  a third for sewn products mostly using recycled rice bags, and our newest co-op group is working with bracelets and other fashion accessories.

Women's Cooperatives


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Our main dyeing/weaving co-op is headed by two amazing Buddhist nun sisters who are incredibly skilled and creative. Even though we have worked with them for over seven years, we´ve only just begun to tap their talents.

The number of women in the groups fluctuates depending on the time of the year and the size of orders but has now reached some 40 women.

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