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As some of you may know, my mom lives in Thailand and works for a non-profit organization. One of the many projects the organization deals with is providing a home and education for over 45 disadvantaged children.

School is getting ready to start again in Thailand. Recent local budget cuts eliminated school transportation, which means they are in desperate need of a school bus to get their kids back and forth to school.

They need to raise $4,500 to build a “Thai style” school bus. I am committed to helping them raise $500 towards their bus, and I am asking for any help you can give towards this goal. Can you kick in $50 or $100 (or what ever you can afford) to help get the kids to school?



Try to Imagine.

You are born in a beautiful village in the mountains. You can see the school in the valley below, but you can’t get there.

Then Warm Heart, a nonprofit, takes you into its Children’s Home just miles from the school. For a while, all is well – and then the school bus stops coming. Suddenly, you and the forty-five other kids at Warm Heart have no way to get to school.

So close, yet so far away.

Will you help Warm Heart raise the $4,500 we need to build our own school bus?

Our children come from the mountains. Their villages do not have schools. Some kids don’t have families; some have families no child should have.

Many parents are illiterate.

Some kids are recommended to us by our spotters in the mountains; some are abandoned to us directly; still others are found wandering alone and are handed over to us.

They arrive at Warm Heart at 5 or 8 or 10 or 12 malnourished, unable to speak Thai and unschooled.

In two or three years, they are up to normal weight, fluent in Thai and far outperforming their classmates in school.

But we need to get them to school! Our school lost its funding, now no more school bus.

They – and we – depend on having a school bus, however. It is not much. A pickup truck with a covered back and benches. But it serves.

Help Us Build a School Bus

We need your help to build our own school bus. All we need – but must have – is the equivalent of the school bus that no longer comes.

• We need a used pickup. $3,500

• We need to be able to put a covered back on it. $600

• We need to be able to install benches. $400

• Total – $4,500

Will you help us build a Warm Heart school bus?

Will you help us get our kids to school?

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