From Crisis to Opportunity

How Sustainable Agriculture Provide the Solutions to Low Carbon and Low Risk Society

Climate change can create huge risks for agricultural sector. It can worsen food insecurity and poverty problems in Thailand.

The adaptive strategy is very crucial for Thai farmers to cope with uncertain weather conditions. Sustainable agriculture in various forms, such as integrated farming, organic farming and shifting rotation agriculture, can provide both adaptation mechanism and mitigation strategy towards climate change.

Buddhina Nuntavorakarn, Decharut Sukkumnoed

Enduring Farms:

Climate Change, Smallholders and Traditional Farming Communities

THE threat of global climate change has caused concern among scientists as crop growth could be severely affected by changes in key climatic variables (i.e., rainfall and temperature) and agricultural production and food security could be affected both globally and locally.

Miguel A Altieri and Parviz Koohafkan

Third World Network Penang, Malaysia, 2008 


Biochar for Environment and Development

Biochar research inspired the development of a revolutionary technology that can have tremendous impact on agriculture, water, habitats, energy, health sanitation, livelihoods, environment, and carbon sequestration. This book contributes to the understanding of biochar as a resource.

Sai Bhaskar N. Reddy

MetaMeta, 2014