Biochar in Poultry Farming

by Henning Gerlach and Hans-Peter Schmidt

The poultry industry is struggling more and more with livestock disease. Often this can be traced back to microbial pathogens and ammonia in the litter. The addition of highly porous biochar can serve to reduce toxic ammonia pollution in the coops and regulate the moisture level of the litter. The biting coop odour and foot pad dermatitis in the poultry can be prevented within just a few days. If biochar is included in the feed, toxins can be deactivated already in the digestive system. The intestinal ora is positively activated, and the vitality of the animals improves rapidly and markedly.

Gerlach H, Schmidt HP
Biochar in poultry farming
Ithaka Journal 1/2012: 262–264 (2012)
Editor: Delinat-Institute for Ecology and Climate- farming, CH-1974 Arbaz, ISSN 1663-0521