August Quarterly Newsletter


What’s Happening at Warm Heart Wordwide

Warm Heart Quarterly Newsletter August 2015


Biochar is on Fire!!

We have a new way of looking at the environment: We see saving the environment as a huge and profitable opportunity, not a huge and costly problem.

Our mission is to restore the environment while creating economic development opportunities by teaching farmers sustainable agricultural practices and developing the new technology they need.

Biochar is the answer on many levels.

Warm Heart’s environmental Biochar Project is catching on. We are very excited to be receiving funding to move ahead with our project. (read more and watch our incredible video!)

Meet our Kids

Nit, one of our college students, has been staying with us at Warm Heart during her school break.She has been very busy helping us in the office, translating, and being a great role model for the younger kids.

Recently she spoke at our first public outreach event “An Evening with Warm Heart”. She was very poised and eloquent, and represented what Warm Heart is all about.

You can read more about Nit and our other college students on our College Fund page!


Great things are happening at Warm Heart!
  • In July we launched our new website. Have you visited us yet?
  • 4th of July was the 7th anniversary of Warm Heart. 
    We celebrated with our “immediate family” of close to a 100 people from Warm Heart and it’s partner school Ton Roong, as well as our staff, our board and our village officials with their families, and of course our volunteers!
  • Our friend  Bob Wiggins gave us a landscaping makeover! The new plants will stop erosion when the rain comes, and looks beautiful too!
  • A group of Boy Scouts from Antwerp Belgium came and visited for a week. They helped with our sustainable agriculture projects. 
  • On Wednesday July 15th, we hosted our first public outreach event in Chiang Mai. Guests included the U.S. Vice Consul to Chiang Mai and the Management Assistant to the U.S. Consulate, as well as representatives from several non-profits and service groups including Philanthropy Connections, Strong Seeds, Echo Impact Center and the International Rotary Club. We are especially grateful to Mr. Bob Wiggins for hosting the event at his home.
  • Our first public fundraiser on July 24 was a smashing hit! We had many new people come to find out what Warm Heart is all about. See Pictures!



Volunteer Spotlight
Tuff Witarama

In our last newsletter we told you that Tuff had joined our team of volunteers.

We are so fortunate to have such highly qualified dedicated volunteers join us at Warm Heart.

Tuff is a perfect example!

Tuff is ethnic Thai and fluent in Thai but has lived in California for most of his life.

With a Masters in Public Health from UCLA, he has been involved in scientific research for most of his professional career.

He’s now taking a long break from his job and hopes to find a more fulfilling environment volunteering at an NGO.

At Warm Heart he will be working on public health issues and trying to create a more structured system whereby Warm Heart’s efforts can align more closely to the services offered by the local health clinics.

Meet more of our Volunteers on our Volunteer Blog!

New! Art Contest

Art is a great therapy tool and can provide an outlet for individual expression.

The Art Contest is designed to encourage the kids to explore their talents and express themselves.

We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes based on votes from you. Please visit our Art Gallery, view their art, and cast your vote!

Fundraising Success?

Our  fundraising campaign to raise money to help buy uniforms and get the kids ready for back to school was a real bust.  

Well, we tried. All we can do is continue to move onward and upward!

We now have a section on our updated website for Causes.
Each quarter we will be focusing on a new area that can use a boost.We do not expect everyone to donate to  every project, but when one touches your heart we really appreciate your support.

This Quarter we are focusing on helping the Microenterprise Women’s Co-op.  

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