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August, 2017

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.” ~ Richard Rogers

1st Anniversary Edition

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We are taking a break this month from our daily updates. You can take a nostalgic look at the past years updates to see where we have been!

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Warm Heart Environmental Program

Warm Heart is a grassroots non-profit located in the foothills of Northern Thailand.

In the educational area we provide information about global warming in our Climate Change Primer.

Our sustainable agricultural focus is centered on the production and use of Biochar. We work hands-on with local farmers with the primary goal of eliminating open field burning.

We provide an alternate method for clearing crop fields, one that

  • Increases crop production and quality
  • Restores damaged soils
  • Improves our air quality by removing high levels of CO2

We provide free training materials for anyone interested in learning how to build a biochar oven. Whether you own a farm, a resort, or are a backyard gardener, it is easy and affordable to set up your own system.

We provide a series of videos begining with the first step how to build a biochar oven.. Instructions are also available for download in PDF format.

Why Biochar?
Biochar is carbon negative! Making biochar removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Biochar has many agricultural benefits.

Biochar increases crop yields, sometimes substantially if the soil is in poor condition.

Biochar helps to prevent fertilizer runoff and leaching, allowing the use of less fertilizers and diminishing agricultural pollution to the surrounding environment.

Biochar retains moisture, helping plants through periods of drought more easily.

Biochar replenishes exhausted or marginal soils with organic carbon and fosters the growth of soil microbes essential for nutrient absorption, particularly mycorrhizal fungi.

Most importantly, Biochar technology can replace the practice of burning crops fields, eliminating the pollution while creating a product that will help farmers enrich their soils and increase their crop yields.

The Year in Review

We initiated our newsletter in August 2016 to focus on the positive steps being taken around the world to address climate change and global warming.

There have been many advances that we can be encouraged by, but we are far from solving the problem. This is not an issue that is going to go away by itself, we are each responsible for ensuring our children have a future by taking meaningful actions today.

A World United

Climate change is a global issue. One of the great achievements in 2016 was the signing of the Paris Climate Accord. Sure, there is a minor Trump bump, but progress is still being made.

Clean, Sustainable Energy Advances

I remember as a child going with my father to his workplace, and he showed me their computer. It literally filled a huge room, and was very loud. When I look at my laptop today I truly appreciate the computer technological advances over the past few decades!

The same goes with solar today. It continues to make similar advances through better design, cheaper costs, becoming more efficient and reliable than the first solar panels that hit our markets.

In the United States alone the solar market nearly doubled its annual record, topping out at 14,625 MW of solar PV installed in 2016, a 95% increase over the previous record, 7,493 MW, set in 2015.

Wind power is also growing in leaps and bounds as new designs continue to sprout up, and as with solar providing more efficiency and better dependability. As far as increase of wind power as an alternative energy source China takes the lead in this area, taking credit for 43% of the total wind power installed globally in 2016.

These are great steps towards eliminating the need to rely on fossil fuels. The future is electric, and can be run on clean energy.

Ending Harmful Pollution

As the world turns towards choosing clean energy over fossil fuels our pollution will lessen, but there is more to be done than just switching to cleaner energy.

There are many sources of pollution that contribute to global warming. We need to 1) identify the problem, so 2) we can come up with a solution.

Warm Heart focuses on eliminating the pollution caused by farmer’s open field burning their crop residue after every harvest. The problem is what do they do with all of the crop residue? The solution is to turn it into biochar.

Trees are wonderful allies when they are living, but once they die they begin releasing huge amounts of CO2, again adding to global warming. The problem is how to efficiently dispose of dead wood? Again, biochar comes into play as a solution.

We look forward to seeing what new advances are brought forth in this next year. We hope you will stayed tuned!

Our Year at Warm Heart

We have had an incredibly busy year, beginning with our biochar trainings with local farmers, in China, and Malaysia.

We coordinated a major biochar campaign working with 100’s of corn farmers “Converting Smoke to Biochar“. The program was paid for through a partial grant from the Canadian Government and individual and group donations in the amount of $25,000.

One highlight was being honored with the Energy Globe National Award for Thailand for our project Win-Win with Biochar.

We also released a very informative video interview with the farmers we trained in biochar last year, you will hear the results of their efforts.

Overall we had a good year, we are still trying to catch our breath, before we hurtle into the next phase. We hope you will continue your journey with us and check back next month. In the meantime please explore our site, we are full of interesting information and helpful guides and videos. Be sure and watch the farmer’s video before you go!

Hot August Nights (and days)

Try this simple test. Blow on your hand with your mouth wide open. Warm air, right? Now blow on your hand with your lips pursed, feel the difference? This is the principle behind a very simple yet effective cooling system that anyone can make. It is especially helpful for those living in extremely hot climates who have no electric power to run even a simple fan.

We love this video for it’s brilliance as well as the recycling value.

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