Warm Heart Children’s Art Contest

Our “Dreams” contest has ended, the winners are posted at Dreams Art Contest Winners.

We are currently running a new contest, and I hope you are as impressed as we are with all of the entries! This is going to be a tough competition!

We ran this contest a bit differently. In the past we have announced the theme, and given the kids a week to enter.

This time they all worked on it together for one hour. Amazing results!

childrens art contest

Warm Heart Children Self Portraits

Please help us encourage the children through a vote for your 3 favorite pictures. We award first, second and third place, with honorable mentions. Thank you for participating and helping us make this project a success!

About Warm Heart

Warm Heart was initially begun as a community development project in Phrao, one of the poorest areas in Thailand. The motivation was to provide education and training to offer an alternative to a life of poverty, or worse.

We soon found ourselves taking in abandoned and abused children, children without hope for a future.

Currently we have 46 children living in our Children’s Homes, 5 away at Technical High Schools, and 5 in college.

We also sponsor 21 children at Ton Roong school, a Government run boarding school. But the boarding is weekdays only, so we provide care for them over the weekends when their classmates return to their homes. Our children have no home to return to.

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