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What is Warm Heart?

Warm Heart is a grassroots organization that helps villagers in the remote northern district of Phrao, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. We organize community projects that improve access to education and basic health services, create jobs and sustainable incomes for the poorest in our community, and restore the environment to sustain future generations. Warm Heart is not a charity. Our programs address acute needs by helping people help themselves.


Warm Heart Foundation (Thailand) is registered with the Thai Ministry of Interior (CM 273), employs 20 staff and hosts 10-12 volunteers at any given time. Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc. (U.S.) is a 501.c.3 nonprofit, EIN 26-2059241. Donations by American citizens to Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc. are tax deductible.


Our Mission

Warm Heart’s mission is to ensure that all Phrao residents have equal access to basic services and an equal opportunity to build better lives. Warm Heart catalyzes individual and community self-help. We provide equal access to education and health services, and the knowledge and skills to create sustainable livelihoods. Warm Heart is a non-religious, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the idea that every human being deserves the same chance to succeed, whether born into poverty or prosperity.


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