Volunteers say Wipope is a class clown- always making everyone around him laugh!

Wipope is a class clown – always making everyone around him laugh!


Journey to Warm Heart

Wipope arrived at Warm Heart with a sense of urgency in 2010. Hoping to break the circle of poverty and crime, the Thai Military asked Warm Heart to take in eight children from La Wu, a small village on the Thai-Myanmar border known for violence and its location on a drug-trafficking route.

Wipope was among these children. His parents remain in La Wu as farmers.


At Warm Heart Wipope has developed into an energetic young man. He loves playing outdoors, especially with his best friend Koko.

In school he prefers math class and doesn’t mind doing homework because of the great help from after school tutors.

He hopes to become a soldier when he grows up.

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