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Tanakorn is the hardest working kid at Warm Heart because he helps him work outside every Saturday and Sunday!


Journey to Warm Heart

Tanakorn’s older brother, Prapan, was one of the intrepid first 8 kids from Lau Wu to come to Warm Heart. Tanakorn arrived the next year.

For Tanakorn, life could only get better. Before coming to Warm Heart, he had not had an easy time. At 4 he survived open heart surgery. Months before he left home for Warm Heart, his father was killed in a motorbike accident.


Despite the difficulties Tanakorn faced during his childhood, he is a strong and positive young man. You’ll often find him helping Michael with his gardening and agricultural projects on the weekends.

Tanakorn’s favorite activities are walking around, hanging out, and working hard with Michael as his helper. He also loves to play soccer and spend time in the computer room.

In school Tanakorn prefers math and computer class. Tanakorn won the Phrao District math competition for his age group, represented Phrao in the all North Thailand competition and came in second!

When he grows up he hopes to work in agriculture – although Michael has other plans for him.

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