If you are searching for Sanga, always check the computers at Michael’s and Evelind’s house. He’s often there with his best friend NatDanai.

Journey to Warm Heart

Sanga comes from Mae Soon, a remote Karen hill tribe village with no school. Prior to his arrival at Warm Heart, like many children in his village, Sanga walked five kilometers over a mountain and steep ravines in order to attend the closest school with instruction only in the Karen language.

Learning in Karen, as opposed to Thai, leaves hill tribe children linguistically isolated and ineligible for futures beyond the mountains of Northern Thailand.

His parents remain in Mae Soon as passion fruit and coffee farmers.


At school in Phrao, Sanga studies hard even though he has a learning disability.

He can always be counted on to lend a hand when it comes to working outside around the Children’s Homes. Beginning in 2015, we hired Sanga to help on farm because he is so industrious and trustworthy.

His favorite part about living at Warm Heart is taking a walk around the lake behind the homes and enjoying the beautiful view.

Sanga says that someday he wants to be a government leader.

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