Volunteers say Nee has an excellent sense of humor!

Nee came to Warm Heart painfully withdrawn; today she flashes by with a huge smile, long black hair flying.



Journey to Warm Heart

Nee is the youngest of her three siblings. Her parents hoped to educate all three of their children but could afford to send only one child to school. Warm Heart provides an education to the other two.

Their parents are often on the road buying fruit from mountain villages and distributing them around the district and can’t provide much care for their kids.

Nee’s oldest brother goes to school in Chiang Mai and her second brother, Big, lives at the Warm Heart Annex.


Nee’s favorite activities are sports and games, particularly jumping rope.

Her favorite color is purple.

In school Nee prefers art class above all else.

What Nee likes best about Warm Heart is the after school English class provided by the volunteers.

When Nee grows up she hopes to go back to her home village as a teacher

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