Min is shy and quiet but if you can provoke her you will be rewarded with a dazzling smile.

Journey to Warm Heart

Min comes from Mae Soon, a remote Karen Hill Tribe village with no school.

Prior to her arrival at Warm Heart, like many children in her village, Min walked five kilometers over a mountain and steep ravines in order to attend the closest school with instruction only in the Karen language.

Learning in Karen, as opposed to Thai, leaves hill tribe children like Min linguistically isolated and ineligible for futures beyond the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Min left her parents and younger sister at home.


While leaving her family behind has been difficult, Min retains a positive attitude towards her classes, homework, and life in general.

She has really enjoyed the computer class at her new school and loves that she can access the Internet on the Children’s Home campus.

Min has developed a wonderful friendship with Aoi and Arm and someday hopes to become a nurse.

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