Volunteers say Lom does best with positive reinforcement. Once he has a little bit of confidence he knows all the answers!

Lom arrived battered into submission. but with positive reinforcement and a little confidence, he knows all the answers!

Journey to Warm Heart

Lom comes from the Wing Pa Pao District across the mountains to the east of Phrao. He is from an Akha family related to Suda – the first child Warm Heart ever took in.

With a tattered family history of substance abuse, physical abuse, and theft Lom joined the core “family” of kids who live at Warm Heart year round.

When Lom arrived in 2013 he knew almost no Thai.


Today Lom is almost entirely fluent in Thai and attends the English classes provided by Warm Heart’s volunteers.

After school he can be found in English class, working with tutors, or kicking around a soccer ball with his best friend Tawatchai.

Lom says he loves all sports and someday he hopes to travel to watch a live, professional soccer game.

His favorite part about Warm Heart is getting to play computer games at Michael’s and Evelind’s house.

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