Volunteers say Kate is clearly driven and in charge. She is often seen helping the house moms run the children’s homes.

If Warm Heart was an English boarding school, Kate would be the ‘head girl’. She might as well be a House Mother.

Journey to Warm Heart

Kate, short for Karagate, is from Arye, an Akha village too far from any school to attend.

Kate is one of few children from the village that had the opportunity to attend school before living at Warm Heart. She went to a Christian school in the Pratoomtai Province, but it was shut down after the building was ruined in a flood.

Kate’s situation is very unique. Unlike the other kids whose parents approach Warm Heart, Kate asked if there was a place at Warm Heart for her when Warm Heart visited Arye three years ago. As we have learned since, this was perfectly Kate; she doesn’t have a family and has raised herself for years

We are really glad that today Kate’s not all on her own, but is part of the core “family” of kids who live at Warm Heart year around.


Kate arrived with a group of Akha girls, most of whom didn’t speak Thai.

In the beginning she was a huge help in translating for them and teaching them Thai. Ever since, Kate has been a fabulous big sister figure to all of the young girls at the home.

She enjoys braiding hair, painting, and drawing.

Kate says she likes everything about Warm Heart, particularly the after-school tutors on campus six days per week.

Her favorite school subject is science. Kate hopes to become a doctor and work in a hospital in the city.

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