Busaba is energetic, intelligent, and super spunky!

Busaba is energetic, intelligent, and super spunky!

Journey to Warm Heart

Busaba is not the first in her family to join the Children’s Homes.

After seeing the excellent care and education her older brother, Wipope, was receiving, her parents asked Warm Heart to take Busaba as well.

She joined Wipope at the start of the 2014 school year. Like many kids from the remote villages, she knew very little Thai when she arrived.


In school, Busaba loves learning and improving her Thai speaking, reading, and writing abilities. You can often find her with a book in her hands.

Her favorite part of living at Warm Heart is that there is never a lack of someone to play with.

She excels at braiding hair, that of her friends and of the volunteers.

Busaba’s favorite color is light blue.

A truly heartwarming desire, Busaba wants to become a teacher and return to teach the children of her home village.

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