Help us celebrate our Birthday!

We are celebrating our 8th year running Warm Heart, and running does not even begin to describe the speed of growth we experienced this past year.

Celebrating our 8th year!

8 balloons

Kris Edwards, our friend from Building Futures Thailand will be joining our Birthday celebration (last year they donated our classroom building “Barb’s Place”).

She will help us kick off the start of our 8th year with another amazing donation to Warm Heart. She is bringing with her 10 bicycles for the children to share!

But that is not all she is giving to Warm Heart.

While she is here we will be visiting Ton Rong school, where we will do an assessment of much needed classroom renovations. She will return in November with a team of 10 volunteers to complete the renovations, finish the library, and add a science classroom.

On Monday, the 4th of July, we will be celebrating the evening with our volunteers and children with a fireworks display. Our Birthday anniversary celebration will continue on Tuesday with a party with our Thai Board of Directors and all the children. What a great way to start our new year!

As we reflect on the past 7 years, we are grateful for the support that has allowed us to achieve all that we have. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey. Our hope for the new year is continued support for our projects.

All of our Benefactors are awesome! Their generosity has put a roof over our heads, provided improved living spaces for our children, and have helped us move forward.

On a daily basis, however, we continue to seek additional Sponsors for our children, as well as donors willing to help with covering the expenses for our projects. Our goal for this next year is to expand our base of support.

Looking Forward

For the coming year we see five key areas for growth. To accomplish our goals, we need to raise money. What better way than through birthday presents! Below are the current projects that would love to receive a gift!


National economic downturns will increase demand for alternative child care. The Children’s Homes will need to be transformed to better handle the influx of at-risk and abused children; Warm Heart will need significant financial help to do so.

Higher education

Our children’s successes in primary school have brought to us the much higher, unanticipated costs of sending individual students through high school and university. We need to develop a sustainable fund for higher education.

Water Accessibility

The national drought left us without water for days at a time and brought to attention the desperate need for better water reserves on campus. We must drill a new well and build more reserve storage before the next dry season.

Biochar Development

Extending biochar to mountain communities, the areas currently with little to no knowledge of traditional burn alternative methods, will require the funds to build and distribute our new biochar machines.

Farm Expansion

Our farm is poised to contribute to dramatically reducing the Warm Heart monthly food bill, but further investments in fruit trees and new fields are needed.

We love birthday presents!


Warm Heart is happy to receive any gift amount. Please give what you can. Donations are tax-deductible. If you would like your gift to go to a specific project please indicate in the Message of Support box. It will appear after you hit the continue button.

Looking Back

We are very proud of our accomplishments, and would like to share a few updates with you:

On the Home Front

We just started a new school year. We have 3 new children, including a special needs child, and a full house at Ton Roong School. We have 5 attending vocational-technical High Schools, 4 graduates at University, plus two staff members at weekend university programs. Our Art Contest continues to create excitement, we appreciate all of you who participate with your votes.

Barb’s Place

Barb’s Place is our newest classroom building donated and constructed by Building Futures Thailand. Classroom use is booked solid for use by Warm Heart itself, local and even national programs. We are so grateful for this wonderful gift.

Project Access

As the economy collapses and people flood back from the cities, Warm Heart has become the community’s safety net. The visiting program, wheelchair provision program, and home improvement building programs continue, but…
Today, the program is putting a new emphasis on providing food and vitamins.


Our volunteer program continues to draw highly skilled and deeply committed workers. It is through their help that we have come this far. We encourage you to visit our volunteer blog, and meet the amazing team of volunteers!


Our co-ops continue to make beautiful products. Microenterprise profits are down year-on-year because of the global recession and reduced tourism. But, core products –-our scarves and recycled goods–- continue to sell well! And new products, most notably our lines of fashion bracelets, continue to sell out regularly.

Environmental Program

A year ago, the Biochar program was just an experiment. Biochar is now a world leader.

In the past 12 months, Warm Heart has:

* Won a 2-year grant from the State Department
* Became part of the Thai government’s smoke suppression effort
* Trained almost 500 government officials, extension agents and local farmers
* Designed and distributed new biochar production technology
* Become a global distributor of biochar training materials
* Been the subject of multiple stories in the media
* Published a comprehensive Climate Change Primer.

Thank you